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An Honest Review On The Innovator 300 Meal Management Bag


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The Innovator 300 is a meal management bag unlike any other, with its heavy duty build and the included features such as food containers, ice packs, etc. It can keep food cold for around 8 hours and can even hold 4 beverages on the sides. It is hard to go wrong with this bag.

Why Was The Innovator 300 Created?

6 Pack Bags made this bag to enable the average fitness enthusiast to have the ability to transport a day's worth of meals around with them, so they wouldn't have to settle for eating whatever is available. They differentiate by making the bag built with heavy duty materials such as 1680D polyester and 100% ballistic Nylon and a reinforced bottom, so you can be sure that this bag will last.

What is the Innovator 300?

The Innovator 300 is an insulated meal management bag that is made for the fitness enthusiast who wants to eat healthy on the go.

It keeps your food cold and ready for you to eat when you are ready. It is built to last and has a bold design.

6 pack bags review

How Do I Use It?

You can use it simply by inserting the frozen gel packs (included) and your food right into the main/side compartment. You can fit several meals into the bag along with several drinks, condiments, etc.

​You can choose to use the included food containers, or use tupperware that you bought online, it can accommodate the different food container sizes.

The Innovator 300 allows you to bring your health meals with you on the go.

What Are The Negatives Of The Innovator 300

The Innovator 300 doesn't have a lot of downsides. If it doesn't provide enough food storage for the user, 6 Pack also offers a larger version of the Innovator 300.

I personally do not like the included food storage containers. It comes with 4 and 1 supplement container. By taking these out and using my own containers, I found that I can fit more in the bag. Also the included containers were not large enough for my needs. Now, this doesn't knock the bag at all, I just think the containers/trays aren't great.​

It keeps your food cold for the stated 8 hours. Obviously this depends on the temperature of the outside environment you leave it in. I wish it could keep it cold longer. I find myself putting an extra 1-2 gel packs in it if I know I'll be out all day, just so I can be assured that my food stays fresh & cold. This is an issue for most bags however. Maybe they could up the insulation a bit?

Side Notes

  • Includes: 2 gel packs, 5 containers (BPA Free)
  • Fully Insulated
  • Keeps cold for 8+ hours
  • 4 Side pockets to hold drinks, utensils, shakers, condiments, etc.
  • Comes in many different colors and patterns


The Innovator 300 is one of the best meal management bags on the market. With it's heavy duty design and fully insulated interior, it allows you to be confident that your food will stay cold & fresh. It saves you from having to eat whatever food is available to you, which can be a detriment to your fitness goals. Much better than the standard meal bag and is reasonably priced at $72.


The Good Stuff:
  • Bring meals with you wherever you go
  • Great price ($72)
  • Holds a lot of food, drinks, utensils, etc.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Food containers (included) are to small
  • Wish it could last longer than 8 hours
6 pack bags review

Bring Your Meals With You On The Go & Ditch The Temptation Of Eating Whatever is Available.

Make it easier to get your pre and post workout shake in.

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