Lebert Equalizer Review

An honest review on the Lebert Equalizer

BY JAKE STUTTGEN, JAN 26, 2016 11:00 AM

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Lebert Equalizer

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Fitness Equipment 




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What Is The Lebert Equalizer?

The Lebert Equalizer is a simple, portable, yet multi-purpose and versatile piece of strength training equipment that works arms, chest, back and core muscles like no other can by using your own body weight as resistance. It was created by personal trainer and Taekwondo Black Belt, Marc Lebert.

It was created to allow the average individual to get a great workout from anywhere!

Lebert Equalizer Review

What Is It Good For?

The Lebert Equalizer is designed to allow the user to get a full body workout in anywhere. With the Equalizers you can build muscle mass, burn fat and build a strong core. There are literally hundreds of different exercises that can be done with the Lebert Equalizer, the only limit is really your imagination.

They come in 4 sizes: Small (pink), Medium (lime), Large (yellow), X-Large (Black). I went with the XL size because it is made for people 5'11 and taller. Otherwise for the majority of people, yellow would be the best choice.​

Lebert equalizer review
You can perform an assortment of exercises with the Equalizer. It is only limited to your imagination.

How Do I Use The Lebert Equalizer?

When my Equalizer arrived, they came in a surprisingly lightweight, visually appealing, box. The assembly needed for these is very simple. You first take all of the packaging off of the parts, put the parts together (6 parts total) and fasten them together with the screws and allen wrench (which is provided). Total assembly time for me was less than 10 minutes.

To use the Equalizer, simply examine the list of exercises it comes with (or watch the bonus instructional DVD that is provided) and proceed. The range of difficulty of exercises is great, which really allows users of all ages and experience levels to use it.

They are very sturdy but can tip over, so always be sure to be cautious when using these.

What Are Some Exercises You Can Do?

Like I said above, the exercises you can perform with these are virtually limitless. Here is a list of a few exercises you can perform​.

Incline Chest Press

Lebert equalizer review

This is a beginner type exercise but can be very effective!

How to do it: ​With the Equalizers parallel to each other place your hands on outside curve of the bars. On your toes and keeping back straight, slowly lower until arms are bent to 90 degrees, pause for 1-2 seconds, and press up. Do not look down. Keep your neck straight by looking out slightly in front of you.

Equalizer Pull Up​

​This is a move that is effective for all user levels.

How to do it:​ Place the Equalizers close to each other with one set of feet touching and open about one foot on the other end. Lie down between them with your head just past the feet that are touching. With feet flat, knew bent and hips up, reach up and grip the foam handles. Pull yourself up as high as you can keeping your head and hips in the same line. Pause at the top and slowly lower.

Full Bodyweight Dip​

Lebert equalizer review

​This is a great movement that targets the chest and triceps.

How to do it: With the Equalizers parallel to each other and standing between them, place your hands on the foam grips. Bring your heels towards your butt (off the floor) and make sure your shoulders are down and back. Slowly lower until arms are bent to no more than 90 degrees, pause and press up.​

Equalizer Agility Drill​

Lebert equalizer

This is my personal favorite. I use these for cardio, in between every set of my exercises. They certainly get your heart rate going!

​How to do it: Place a single Equalizer on its side and with an athletic stance start to bring one foot and then the other into the Equalizer. Continue through to the other side and tap the trail leg on the floor once through. Head back the other way working on high knees, good arm movement, deceleration and change of direction. Add a squat on each end to increase the intensity.

Side Notes:

  • Can Hold 400lbs
  • Place them in the proper position for each exercise to minimize the risk of unsteadiness
  • Affordable and come in a few different sizes

Lebert Equalizer Conclusion

​I definitely recommend these to anyone, especially to those who don't always have the time to make it to the gym. If you have a home gym, these will be a great addition to your collection of equipment.

The Equalizer will help you become a faster, stronger and leaner version of yourself.​


The Good Stuff:
  • The amount of exercises you can perform
  • Affordable
  • Easy assembly
  • Doesn't take up much space
The Bad Stuff:
  • Must pay attention to how you place them. If placed incorrectly during an exercise, they can be unstable.
Lebert Equalizer Review

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Start Building A Better You In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

The Equalizer makes a great addition to any gym collection

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