Fat Gripz Review

First Things First…. What The Heck Are Fat Gripz?

Fat Gripz are an awesome piece of equipment which are meant to imitate a fat bar. Fat Gripz do this by simply sliding over your standard barbell which instantly becomes a sweet fat bar. They eliminate the need to buy an expensive fat bar. Before I go farther, a fat bar is a bar that is thicker in diameter than your standard barbell.


What Are Fat Gripz Good For?

Simply put, Fat Gripz are good for developing brute grip strength.  Fat Gripz increase muscle activation throughout any muscle in the exercise and that means more muscle stimulation, growth, and strength.


Let’s face it, for most of us, our grip strength is the limiting factor in numerous exercises like deadlifting, shrugging, etc. So in that sense, by developing crushing grip strength, the rest of your lifts should go up as well, especially any of your arm exercises. I know by using these, your forearms will get bigger and stronger.


How Do I Use Fat Gripz?

Once you get your Fat Gripz, they can be used instantly in your very next workout. Fat Gripz are made out a very durable rubber material and they have a opening that can be spread apart and clamped onto any barbell, dumbbell or pull-up bar!

They are quick as easy to take on and take off. We all know how important it is for products to be quick and easy to use!


What Exercises Can I Do With These?

You can basically do any exercise that you can currently do with a barbell, dumbbell or pull up bar. The only thing that is going to hold you back a bit in terms of the weight you use or the reps you can do, is that your forearms are going to tire out a lot quicker than before.

I will cover a few exercises that I like to do using Fat Gripz 

1. Bench Press (Any Variation)


First off, when you go to put these on your barbell, use the smooth outside rings as a reference point to make sure you are spacing them out evenly over the bar. You don’t want to bench lopsided right?! Next, make sure the opening is facing up towards the ceiling so that you are only holding the smooth part of the Fat Gripz.


Since it will feel a lot different gripping a fatter bar, start with a very light weight (maybe even an empty bar) until you get a better feeling of how it will be! As you become more comfortable, just simply add on more weight! Give it a try 🙂


2. Pull ups/Chin ups


It is insane how much harder a pull up/chin up is when using Fat Gripz. When performing these, put them where you would normally grip, with the opening facing down towards the ground (again, so you grip the smooth part).

Your grip will give out before your back strength fades when using these, so just be aware of that. When using these, do not do weighted pull ups/chin ups until you are more comfortable and used to the thicker grip! Have fun with these 🙂


3. Dumbbell Curls (Any Variation)



Put these on your dumbbell just as you would on a barbell. Just be sure to grip the smooth part and have the opening on the opposite side you are holding. What was crazy to me about this was how much harder it was just to hold the dumbbell when I was curling, which resulted in my arm tiring out a lot quicker.

So my recommendation for you is to use a lighter weight than normal. For example, if you normally curl 30lb dumbbells, than use 20lb dumbbells to start out, just until you get your grip strength up some more, and remember to always use good form! After you get used to curling with these bad boys, try taking them off and experience how much lighter the weight feels! 🙂

Side Notes

– When I first used these, I underestimated how much less weight I could use when it came to performing exercises that required grip strength. For example, pull ups, shrugs deadlifts, etc. A piece of advice for you is to be smart and use a lighter weight than you usually use! Trust me, your grip will give out a whole lot quicker than you would ever believe.

– When doing any sort of pressing with dumbbells when using Fat Gripz, just remember that it will be harder to get the weight into position than it ever has been. It will also be harder setting them back down. So if you can, have a spotter there to assist you! Be smart about it.

– It will take a little while for your forearms and hands to get used to this wider grip, be patient and don’t give up!

My Final Decision… Should You Get Fat Gripz or Not?

– Do I recommend that you should get Fat Gripz? Yes I do!

– Not only will these help you develop some killer grip strength but will help you get stronger in all areas.

– Did I mention that they are awesome replacement for a fat bar? The price of these is a fraction of how much you would pay for a specialty fat bar!

– Another huge benefit of these is how portable they are and how durable they are! I have put mine through a lot of use and abuse, and they are still holding up like a champ. You won’t have to replace these anytime soon, trust me. These are worth the price and are a must have for anybody looking to grow stronger!


Check out Fat Gripz Here To Learn More About Them & To Get A Pair Of Your Own!

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