Brute Belt Review

What is The Brute Belt?

The Brute Belt is an awesomely designed dip belt, that is made for comfort and durability. The Brute Belt is manufactured to be as high quality and strong as military gear. It can hold up to six 45lb plates without breaking! That’s 270lbs!, while also incorporating soft fabric and padding to make it as comfortable as possible.





What is The Brute Belt Good For?

The belt was designed specifically for the fitness enthusiast that recognizes the importance of bodyweight exercises and is looking for a unique, durable, high quality product that will last through the rigors of their workouts. It is good for increasing resistance while performing bodyweight movements. Did I mention just how comfortable this thing is?




How Do I Use The 
Brute Belt?

You would start by using it like any other dip belt, by putting it around your navel (belly button) area, while making sure the loops on the belt are facing down. You then use the fastening buckle, to fasten it to your body until it is snug, not tight, so it won’t move around. Next, you place the adjustable length strap through the weight you will be using and then clip it to the opposite side of the belt.

What’s great about the adjustable strap is, it can be made shorter or longer depending on your preferences. With chains, you cannot do this. Lastly, when you are done with the selected exercise that you are using the Brute Belt for, just simply unclip the strap and take the weight off. It is very easy to use!

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What Exercises Can I Do With It?

You can use the Brute Belt to perform a lot of the body weight movements you already perform. For example:

Pull ups/Chin ups



When using the Brute Belt to perform Pull ups or Chin ups, attach the belt around your waist until it is snug. Then, select a weight of your own choosing and feed the adjustable strap through the weight and attach the clip to the opposite side.

Next, simply grip the bar (underhand or overhand) and perform a set of Pull ups/ Chin ups. It is as simple as that! Very easy to use and extremely comfortable.



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To perform a dip with the Brute Belt, follow the directions I wrote above on how to put the belt on and attach weight. Next, carefully get into position and perform a set of a desired amount of reps. 



Side Notes

– When I first used the Brute Belt, I underestimated how much comfort it provided, and how durable it is. It is so much better than a conventional dip belt. 

– When doing any sort of movement using the Brute Belt, just remember that it will be harder to get into the starting position than if you were doing it with just your bodyweight. It is also going to be a bit difficult to maneuver heavy weight, as it is with any dip belt. So if you can, have a spotter there to assist you! Be smart about it.

– When first using the Brute Belt, just remember that you need to work up to using heavier weight. Start with weight you can handle, be patient and don’t give up!

My Final Decision… Should You Get A Brute Belt or Not?

– Do I recommend that you should get a Brute Belt?Definitely Yes!

– The Brute Belt will help you build “Brute” strength. See what I did there?;) All joking aside, it will assist you on your journey of growing stronger.

– Did I mention just how comfortable and durable it is?I mean, compared to a standard dip belt, this thing feels amazing! Even when you have some heavy weight attached!!

–  These are worth the price and are a must have for anybody looking to grow stronger!


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