Stuch Strength was founded and is operated by Jake Stuttgen, a passionate fitness professional and enthusiast. With his natural inclination to help others, Jake has created an effective, affordable and highly supportive method for virtually anyone to achieve optimal health. The company is dedicated to providing individualized online fitness training for everyday people who want to lose weight, improve nutrition, build strength and increase endurance. Stuch Strength offers:

• Customized online workout programs

• Responsive training/assistance

• Support and encouragement

• Free Reports

• E-Books

• Weekly Newsletters/Blog posts

Workout programs are created based on each client’s goals, current abilities and schedule. The Stuch community continues to grow and we welcome new members everyday. You can achieve your goals and we’ll help you get there. Join us today.

Founder, Jake Stuttgen

An ISSA Certified strength and conditioning specialist, Jake Stuttgen created Stuch Strength as a way to deliver supportive, expert fitness training to anyone, anywhere.

Prior to becoming a professional fitness and nutrition coach, Jake struggled with his own weight. Finding just the right mix of exercise, nutrition and motivation forever transformed his life and inspired him to help others transform theirs. Jake has spent more than a decade studying and working in the fitness industry. He created Stuch Strength Training as an alternative to traditional personal trainers, who can be expensive and schedule limiting. Through online coaching, he delivers individualized instruction, motivation and encouragement to clients at all levels—guiding them to become leaner, meaner, stronger versions of themselves.

Jake currently resides in the outer metro area of the Twin Cities in Minnesota with his Fiancee and two dogs, Bo & Bella.