The 4 Components of a Lean, Healthy Lifestyle

Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Get Toned, and Live the Life You Want

Building the body of your dreams seems like an impossible task nowadays for most individuals.

In fact, look at some of the things so many of us have to deal with when we are just trying to get fit:

  • We are so tired from the stress we face every single day. As a result, we feel lethargic, unmotivated, and weak when we need it the most: in the gym. How are we supposed to build the body of our dreams if we can’t even feel good when we are working towards it?
  • Everything in society seems to involve food nowadays. On top of that, unhealthy food is usually the dish that we are given, or that we have chosen. So, when it comes time for us to focus on eating healthier, all the sudden we feel isolated. We feel like we can’t even go out to eat in fear of having one bad meal and completely ruining all of the progress we have made!
  • On the same note, we deal with all of the lies that are told to us from the fitness industry. With endless fads such as juicing diets, quick-fix workout DVDs, 10 minute abs, etc., we don’t even know where to begin! Who is telling the truth? How are these people getting such amazing bodies, and what do they know that we don’t?

The world has been built in a way that, if you are trying to build a healthy body that looks amazing, then the odds are actually stacked against you.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You see, in recent years the fitness industry has made a lot of advancement in terms of making things simpler when it comes to getting the body you have always wanted, but thought you could never have.

Whereas we used to go for quick-fixes like juicing diets, we now have solid, reputable information out there that tells us that we don’t have to starve ourselves. And instead of believing that we need to run our bodies into the ground every single day of the week in order to look like a fitness model, we now have evidence that shows that we can work out 3 days a week, and still look AMAZING.

The Essential Components of the Body of Your Dreams

I wanted to build this free guide for you today to show you that this whole “fit” thing isn’t as hard as you think it is.

I mean, sure, you still have to exercise, and you have to want it. But, after I share all of this to you, you will begin to understand how simple the process can be.

So, to make things simpler, I wanted to outline what I believe are the most essential components for your fit body:

· Proper mindset

· Proper exercise

· Good nutrition habits

· Fulfillment

Once you have these 4 components mixed together, you will have set yourself in perfect position to achieve your goals.

What do you say we get started towards those goals now?

1. Proper Mindset

stuch strength fitness goals

Everything in fitness (and life in general) starts with mindset. Put simply, if you WANT to achieve the body of your dreams, then you have already taken the biggest step forward.

Now, I have to admit, I’m a bit of a mind reader. Want to know why?

It’s because I know you are already motivated.

And how do I know that? Well, it’s because you’re still reading! Which means that you WANT it! This is that major step in the right direction, because it means you are willing to get there, and willing to go through the challenges that you may face along the way.

Now, this one isn’t as simple if you aren’t motivated. When you are in that position, you have to find out what makes you “tick.”

In other words, what makes you really want to get up and go to the gym, eat healthy, and just be awesome in general?

It can be anything:

  • “I get motivated when I look at some of my friends who have lost a lot of weight and look great now. I don’t know how they did it, but I want to experience that too.”
  • “I don’t want to put my body at risk for health problems like heart attacks later on in life because I didn’t take care of my body right now. I want to be healthy for my entire life, instead of living in pain in my later years.”
  • “I’m not happy with how my body looks when I look in the mirror. I want to feel confident and not have this on my mind every single day.”

Whatever your motivator is, acknowledge it, and then let it drive you. Then, when those days come where you don’t want to exercise and eat right, you can look at that main reason for starting in the first place.

Trust me, it’ll get you back in the game quickly.

2. Proper Exercise

beginner guide to muscle building

Imagine this: Two people walk into the gym. One person has a plan, reason, and goal in mind for the workout.

The other person? Well, they are there just to do some exercises for their biceps or their butt, and they will keep going until they are sweating.

Who do you think is going to achieve the body of their dreams eventually?

Look, when you go to exercise without any sort of reason or goal, it’s like running on the treadmill. You are putting in effort, but you are not going anywhere because you have no plan. And if you have no plan, you have no direction.

When choosing the right form of exercise, it comes down to two things:

1. Does the type of exercise fit your goals?

2. Do you enjoy this type of exercise?

When you find a form of exercise that works with both of those objectives mentioned above, you are setting yourself up for success. As an added benefit, this will also help you to not fall for all of the scams or “quick fixes” that people try to sell you all the time.

3. Good Nutrition Habits

There is something you should know about those who teach people how to be fit: We rarely agree on anything.

It’s true. There are so many different methods and tactics, and it’s not to say anyone is wrong. However, it does make it confusing for the normal person who is just looking for some advice. Something we all agree on.

Well, look no further.

The golden rule that every person needs to understand, and that is accepted universally, is that nutrition is at least 80% of the battle.

Now, this might sound like we are putting you right back into the trap of “YOU CAN’T EAT ANYTHING BUT SALAD AND FRUIT, NO CARBS!” But that’s not true.

In fact, the main thing to focus on is calories. In order words, are you eating more calories than you are burning throughout the day (which is the goal for building muscle), or are you eating less calories than you burn throughout the day (which is the goal for burning fat)?

Calories are king when it comes to nutrition, and so it is up to you to make sure you are adjusting your caloric intake to meet your goals.

No, this does not mean to go eat 1,700 calories of Twinkies. I mean, you can do it, but it won’t be good.

Actually, no. Scratch that. Just don’t do it at all! Instead, focus on eating healthy foods around 80% of the time, but don’t make it hard. Enjoy yourself and treat yourself to foods you love, as long as it is in moderation.

See? That short paragraph was all it took to show you that proper nutrition doesn’t mean you have to force feed yourself foods with no taste. Instead, it’s a balancing act.

Enjoy yourself AND eat clean, healthy food. That’s the key to long-term fitness and health.

4. Fulfillment

You probably weren’t expecting this one, and also probably have no idea what I mean by this.. So allow me to explain.

Fulfillment is not only something you need at your starting point, but it is also something you receive once you start making great progress. In short, you receive it once you have achieved the other 3 components.

But in the beginning, it plays a very important role.

To be fulfilled in the beginning of your journey means that you need to accept where you are at currently. Most people beat themselves up about allowing their bodies to go to where they are at today. I’m here to tell you differently.

You can’t change the past. So, instead, you need to focus on the NOW.


Don’t focus on the past. Don’t focus on the future.

Focus on the NOW.

When you do this, it relieves a lot of the burden and stress you have placed on yourself. And, as a result, you are already improving.

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