10 Ways To Get Motivated To Hit The Gym

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10 Ways To Get Motivated To Hit The Gym

Whether you plan to spend the day in the gym or simply after work, the hardest thing is master enough mental strength to get started. It becomes even harder when you have errands to run like picking kids from school, getting groceries or going to the bank. However, with good planning and a few tricks, you can drag yourself out of the couch and hit the gym. If you are always feeling lazy when the idea of working out in a gym comes up, here are some few ways to get you motivated.

1. Get the right gear

This is the single most important and motivating step. Having the right gym gear, such as clothes and shoes boosts your confidence and actually gives you the motivation to step out for a workout. You do not have to invest in very expensive shoes and clothes. There are some local stores where you can get started with a nice pair of sneakers at an affordable cost.

With the right gear, you will be able to avoid injuries. If you have recurring knee injuries, you can invest in knee braces, which will help you remove the limitations that may hinder you from a perfect workout session.

2. Accept that you are a beginner

It can be very intimidating if you have never been to a gym before. Mixing up with people who have toned and muscular bodies might even make your feel out of place sap your confidence. You do not need to perform 50 pushups or pull-ups. Understand that people there in the gym are supportive and so do not compare yourself to others.

3. Remove invisible barriers

It can be very tough to leave your bed and hit the gym on a cold winter morning. The main reason is that the weather might make you feel like spending the whole day in bed. Those are just invisible barriers preventing you from going to the gym. Identify these issues early enough and set a plan that you plan to use.

For example, if it is very difficult to leave your bed on a cold morning, then you should arrange and set your gym clothes the previous night. In this way, you will just wake up straight from your bed, change clothes, and head straight to the gym. Creating simple plans of removing the invisible barriers is one of the easiest ways to attend to hit the gym regularly.

4. Get a gym partner

According to Gilbert Gachalian, a fitness coach, your fitness journey is a lot more fun when you have company along the way. You can convince your brother or even a friend to join the same gym as you so that you can be working out. Without someone to motivate you along the way, you can easily get lazy and feel as if it is not worth it after all.

5. Pick an exercise that interests you

Doing an exercise that you are comfortable with helps you to stick with it. Eventually, you will find that you are enjoying going to the gym more and more. After some time, you will feel motivated to try something new or a new variation to keep you challenged.

If you love exercises that involve lying on the floor, you can then try Pilates and yoga. These two exercises are physically and mentally uplifting. Once you build your core strength, you can then proceed to barbells and other weight lifting exercises. Before, you realize, your body will start toning up, which will even motivate you to work harder.

6. Track your progress

Going to the gym for several months and ending up feeling as if you are not making progress is a major motivation killer. There are very high chances that you are making progress. However, it is not easily noticeable, especially if it is gradual. This makes progress mapping and tracking very vital for your workout goals.

There are different ways through which you can keep track of your progress. You can measure your weight at the end of every week and keep records. Any change whether it is 200 grams is significant.

7. Be realistic

It is important to set goals that are achievable within a certain period. Once you achieve your set goals, you will feel more confident which will impact positively on your motivation. According to Ashley Karr who is a wellness coach, confidence is one of the most important things in behavior change and habit forming. If you set overly ambitious goals and fail to achieve them, you will feel discourage, which will also kill your motivation.

8. Follow your routine

Have a schedule and a routine in place that you must aspire to follow each with discipline. Follow your plan regularly and vary the exercises so that you feel refreshed each workout session. With a workout plan and routine, every time you skip the gym, you will always feel that your day is missing something.

9. Join a gym that you like

People join certain gyms for different reasons. It might be the facilities, the environment, the proximity to your work place or home or even the trainers. Joining a gym you like gives you all the motivation that you need to work out regularly.

Price should not be the consideration. You can join a low cost gym with poor facilities, which can kill your motivation. However, you can join a pricier gym that you want to keep attending, since you do not want to throw your money away.

10. Reward yourself

People who like to exercise derive their enjoyment from working out. For those who are just starting out, it might feel like putting in a lot of hard work with very little visible rewards in the short term. This can kill motivation.

One way of overcoming this is rewarding yourself each moment you hit the gym. It can be treating yourself to a massage in the parlor or relaxation in the spa. Rewards reinforce habits. Once it becomes a habit to go the gym, you will not require extra will power.


You can talk all day long, about how you are going to start working out. However, talking is not enough. The challenge is stepping out of your comfort zone and starting to work out. Once it you do it regularly, it becomes a habit, and results given you even more motivation.

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